Case Studies

Case-study:  Deosi LLC

Deosi LLC is a IT Services consulting company which serves asset-intensive organizations.  Deosi's employees are assigned to a number of different client-offices. In most cases, employees would submit their hours manually via spreadsheet. In other cases, they would enter their hours on the client's time-tracking system and email a copy of the report to Deosi LLC.


Deosi LLC adopted ChronStack as a simple-to-use, yet feature rich, system to automate time tracking and management. Today, employees enter their hours, project, and tasks in the cloud on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Their manager sees the employee's hours on her/his ChronStack dashboard for approval. In turn, the manager has access to time and effort reports by employee, by client, and by date range.


Rather than handle time sheets submitted in different formats and re-entering the data from dozens of employees, ChronStack has streamlined and automated the process. Managers estimate that ChronStack saves them at least 50% of the time they previously spent on employee time management.